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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving to God

Thank You father God for the brave men and women that preserve our freedom. May we give a thoughtful thanks and remembrance for each of them.

My most sincere prayer today is for God's protection and guidance for our military and those supporting them. May each serve with pride and dignity, knowing they are one of the biggest reasons we can safely celebrate a Thanksgiving to God. We look forward to their safe return from battle.

God we thank you for our Christ and we thank you for your amazing love, mercy and grace. We love You Lord.

In Jesus' name,



Monday, November 13, 2006

great new music... Bee Guillory

Bee Guillory is continuing to follow the Lord's lead to use his musical talents, and praising God all the way.

Bee has already won an Underground Idol competition and you can help him win his second by listening and voting for Bee Guillory's music here. His latest video can be found here.

What you'll like about Bee's music is that the lyrics, melodies and beats stay with you, as he blends alot of different musical styles in his songs. Definitely someone to watch out for as he continues to pursue God's calling for his musical ministry.

Not only a strong and encouraging brother in the Lord, but also a very creative songwriter who has been a blessing to be a part of our Hometeam and member of our church, Fellowship Church.

I am praying that the Lord be first in everything Bee does, and may God get all the glory.

Grace and peace,

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Trip to MI, June 2006, part I

Last June, Tori and I went to MI for the first time in a couple years, and it was also the first time I was in MI during warm weather for about a decade. The warm weather was a very nice change of pace, and the weather was perfect.

The picture here is us by the Mackinac Bridge, on the UP side of Lake MI. The water was beautiful, and Tori and I considered the trip to the the edge of the UP one of the highlights of the trip. Big thanks to my brother in law and sister, Kevin and Debbie for letting us stay with them at their home in Vanderbilt. Their home is nestled right in the thick of an incredible MI forest, and it was very refreshing!

More posts and pictures to follow detailing all of the other great times we had during this short trip visiting family and friends.