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Thursday, July 07, 2005

When is a Pastor not a Pastor?

(I am not a Pastor, but believe the Lord will move me to that some day soon)

I heard some disparaging remarks on a blog recently about who should be called a Pastor, and this article sheds some light on the subject...

The most common title in the modern church apart from priest or minister, which are often confined to the more traditional denominations rather than evangelical or free churches, is 'pastor'. Yet, it is the least common in the New Testament, apparently mentioned in passing just once. Nevertheless, the context for its mention has become the proof text for the doctrine of a five-fold ministry. The reasons for a preferring of the term 'pastor' are many but historically include the Protestant and Lutheran reaction against the Catholic priesthood and the more recent evangelical distancing from the terms vicar, rector or minister, and their associations with the established church.

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