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Friday, September 12, 2008

watch my lawn!

I have a neighbor across the street that must have used a lawn service for the first time today (never seen them before, and my neighbor wasn’t home). The lawn care team and did a pretty good job of the usual cut, edge, and blowing away of the grass clippings. Not more than 20 minutes after they arrived, they were on their way.

Here is where it gets interesting…

It wasn’t less than 5 seconds after these guys drove away in their truck and the next door neighbor (to where the crew just worked) was tearing out of his garage with a blower cleaning up whatever mess the lawn care team left on his property. He cleaned the sidewalk, and the street in front of his house. He even blew away whatever mess was on his lawn. No kidding!

After he blew away all the grass clippings, he shut the motor off, and with an unlit cigarette dangling out of his mouth, he glared down the street in the direction the truck went. Gladiator!

Now, to this guys credit, he has the nicest lawn on the block. His front yard isn’t extravagant, but, it’s very well kept and it looks really good. And he should be proud.

But, I guess what I thought was interesting, was that it seemed like he was just waiting for these careless culprits to finish so that he could bound out there to get his lawn back to order.

It works out that my home office is upstairs and the windows look out to the street and I can hear and see most of what happens, and when I’m doing Greek homework like today, anything is bound to be distracting!



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