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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The gracious hand of his God

… was on him, because Ezra had determined in his heart to study the law of the Lord, obey it, and teach its statutes and ordinances in Israel. (Ezra 7:10 HCSB)

Ezra had a living faith.

Ezra was getting God's best because he was diligent, responsible, humble, and single-minded to learn what God had written. And Ezra lived it out. Not just talk, but walk. Then he taught others how to do the same. What value is it to learn somethng as precious as God's very own Words, and not share it?

Living faith: Know. Do. Teach.

What a great and Godly example to follow.


At 20 August, 2008 06:59, Anonymous Jim C said...

Excellent advice for all. Wisdom (from the book of Proverbs) is defined as "knowing and doing" what is right. When it comes to "right," there is no better source than the Word. It is in the DOING of "right," where my wheels often come off.

At 20 August, 2008 18:57, Blogger Mark said...

Yes, thanks Jim C! Thank you for commenting!

You remind me of when I was in an Old Testament Survey class and our professor told us that biblical wisdom is being able to "accomplish what you set out to do." That may sound simplistic, but consider: if, like me, you define a person of God as one committed to Him and His purposes, then whatever we set out to do will be in line with God's will. Now, granted, many people have information, and quite a few even have some knowledge, but that is hardly enough... living a wisdom-filled life combines God's plan (i.e., living Christlike - even when no one is looking or when there seems no profit), and a heart set on finishing what God really calls us to, despite our shortcomings.

"A diligent person makes good use of everything they find." (Proverbs)

At 20 August, 2008 19:11, Blogger Mark said...

oh, and let me say that what also struck me about this verse is that God's hand was on Ezra as Ezra was set on knowing, doing, and teaching. Ezra came full circle (i.e. finished). Too often we miss that.

Consider the oft qouted Jeremiah 29:11, 12. How often do you hear vverses 29:13, 14 (aka: the rest of the story)?


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