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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Inspiration leads to a triathlon

After getting to know a little about Todd Storch (sound familiar? Todd is Terry Storch's brother- one of the guys that inspired me to blog), through some emails I found out he was a pretty cool guy and a rock-star wannabe like myself. I also found that we shared an interest in triathlons, (though Todd seems to be quite the athlete compared to me!), and it turns out that he inspired me to join an upcoming triathlon.

I have done two triathlons before, way back in 1999, so it has been 6 years since I particapated in one, and at 39 years old it is going to be a rude awakening. I have 6 weeks to train before race day. Whew.

Here are the events for the triathlon:
-- The swim (500-yards / 457.2 meters).
-- The bike (18.5 miles).
-- The run (3.1 miles).

Not too tough, but no walk in the park either. Not to mention, these are not events I have a natural physique for, I am 6", 230 lbs, and although I like to play all sports, my athletics have consisted mostly of lifting weights, and playing racquetball. Neither known for their endurance quotient.

So, after work today, I will jump in the pool at
Lifetime Fitnesss and make my first steps in preparing for this very cool event. Between my mariage, work, and school, it will be an interesting 6 weeks.

I want to say big thanks to Todd for just being himself and motivating me.

Have you ever been involved in a triathlon, or similar events? It would be great to hear your story.

If you're interested to particiapte in this triathlon yourself, go to the Texas Man Sprint Triathlon web page for registration and other info, and we'll see you there.



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