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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Your New Year

Positive Practice

You are
busy becoming whatever you practice most.

Every moment is it’s own reward and is practice for the moments that are to come.

Practice bitterness and you will become embittered, or practice love and you will become more loving. Practice patience, focus, compassion and commitment and these things will become valuable, powerful aspects of your life.

The negative habits you follow now are destructive not only in the present moment. They also set you on course to be increasingly disappointed with the way your life tuirns out. So instead of practicing to achieve disappointment and despair, decide to practice fulfillment and joy. At every opportunity, replace the negative thought patterns with positive, empowering, productive ones.

Give your best to life in the present moment. Not only will you enjoy the immediate rewards of your positive focus, you’ll also be practicing to make the future even better.

-- Ralph Marston

Grace and peace,


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