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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

All is well in the NHL

NHL hockey is back in full swing, and once again, my beloved Detroit Red Wings are dominating.

Here is the latest ESPN Power Rankings.

Go Wings!!


At 26 October, 2005 19:20, Blogger Steve said...

I'm still holding out for the Ave's - we have a cup or two up in Denver... ;-)

At 27 October, 2005 05:02, Blogger Mark said...

Omigosh! Not the Av's?!?! Steve, I really used to like ya ... :O)

Kidding! Avs have a great hockey club. It'll be interesting to see how they do post Forsberg (arguably the most complete player), and Foote.

At 28 October, 2005 16:03, Blogger Tori said...

Dallas! Stars! Dallas! Stars!

At 02 December, 2005 06:19, Blogger Chris McGregor said...

As these rankings prove, the Ottawa Senators are dominant. We will bring the Stanley Cup back to Ottawa (yes we won it in the vey early 1900s).

The Sens have 3 of the top scorers in the whole NHL (oh yeah, and they are on the same line).

Go Sens Go! But the Wings are ok too :)

At 02 December, 2005 06:44, Blogger Mark said...

well Ottawa defintely deserves their props!! Thought they would be #1 in the PR's sooner than they did.

What a great line those guys are making. And can you beleive Hasek? Man, he really spoiled things in Detroit.

Great start for teh Sens on the road to the Finals for the EC. Hopefully the Wings will be there for the West (to take the Cup back to familiar surrroundings in Detroit once again). :O)

At 03 December, 2005 01:12, Blogger Mark said...

The ESPN power rankings are quite kind to the Wings, having them listed in #2 spot.

The latest Yahoo! Power Rankings have the Sens in top spot #1, (same as last week), but the Wings listed at #6, (#5 previous week).


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