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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Detroit claims home-ice advantage. . .

but will they make it very far?

The Detroit Red Wings once again find themselves in the top spot in the NHL earning the
Presidents Trophy with the most points earned during the regular season. They have earned this five times in the last twenty years. No other team has won it more than twice in the same time frame (see chart below). Is this team great or what?!?

Does this mean playoff success? Does it guarantee a trip to the Stanley Cup finals? Unfortunately, no. Only a handful of President's Trophy winners have gone on to take it all. But it does give plenty of reason to believe. And believe I do!

Hockey is my favorite sport for so many reasons: athletes with endurance, strength and tenacity; incredible stick handling, puck handling, and skating abilities (combining these three skills is a lot harder than it looks - try doing a slap shot sometime. No, try doing a slap shot on the ice in skates without stopping and while your opponent is shoving you to the ice! And thread a puck through a maze of players. And score! Imagine that.).

My favorite thing about hockey players is that even though they're combined skill set is higher than most any other sport, for the most part they are the most humble and professional athletes of all major sports. Detroit has had plenty of these legendary men in their uniforms, and one of my favorites is Steve Yzerman.

Let's Go Red Wings!!

Presidents' Trophy winners (last 10 years)

2005-06--Detroit Red Wings
2003-04--Detroit Red Wings
2002-03--Ottawa Senators
2001-02--Detroit Red Wings*
2000-01--Colorado Avalanche*
1999-00--St. Louis Blues
1998-99--Dallas Stars*
1997-98--Dallas Stars
1996-97--Colorado Avalanche
1995-96--Detroit Red Wings
1994-95--Detroit Red Wings
1993-94--New York Rangers*
1992-93--Pittsburgh Penguins
1991-92--New York Rangers
1990-91--Chicago Blackhawks
1989-90--Boston Bruins
1988-89--Calgary Flames*
1987-88--Calgary Flames
1986-87--Edmonton Oilers*
1985-86--Edmonton Oilers

*-Won Stanley Cup


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