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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Does your car make you mean?

We love our cars don't we?

To many, our cars have always been more than merely a means of transportation. Cars are one part of our self expression, our identity. Our cars tell each other alot about ourselves. Some cars tell people we are environmentally friendly; other cars suggest we have alot of money, and so it goes.

We are all aware of the increase in road rage and how it is taking over the safety of driving our vehicles. Drivers nowadays just seem less respectful and courteous, and more self-absorbed and agressive.

I guess there are more than a few reasons:
- we are a rushed, on demand society (we wanted it yesterday!!)
- we are less connected to the communities we live in (do you know your neighbors?)
- it is a me first world (that is enough about you, now let's talk about me) :O)

But now it seems it may be because your car helps you look mean, and is telling other how mean you are too.

Check out the latest design intent for the 'face' of your car in these two articles:
The Glare of the Headlights
Car 'faces' looking meaner for a reason

Don't people think differently when you approach them with a smile, and another when you are frowning?

Grace and peace,


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