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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

respect is

"Respect .... is fundamental. Respect leads to trust, integrity, honesty and ultimately success in business and in life. Respect is earned through honest, thoughtful, and open two-way communication. Respect is demonstrated, for example, through giving your undivided attention while someone is talking to you instead of typing on your laptop or blackberry. There are many simple things we can all do that can make a big difference in how the people around us feel."

-- Dick Millman, President and CEO of Bell Helicopter in a recent article


At 25 June, 2008 11:54, Blogger Tori said...

Thanks for posting this. It is a great reminder of how disconnected we have become as a society. How "normal" it is communicate while being distracted by ourselves. Just shows how innate selfishness really is.

I know I am guilty of this at times...will work harder to be more aware.


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