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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I cherish Wednesday evenings

Mondays and Tuesdays are filled with work and school. Noise, rushing, busyness, and traffic from before sunrise to well after sun down.

Wednesday evenings are for peace, rest, slowness. Unwind, decompress, refresh, and re-charge. Perspective.



At 06 October, 2008 06:42, Anonymous Jim C said...

My time is Sunday evening. Catching the Lord's bass out at the river.

At 07 October, 2008 07:58, Blogger Carlotta said...

I love those times. Enjoy your Wednesdays!
Hey, one is coming tomorrow. Savor it.

At 07 October, 2008 08:53, Blogger Mark said...

thanks CC! Jim's setting seems even more tranquil, I vote for that! :O)

This wednesday and the whole week will be dedicated to studying for exams.

Took the past weekend off for fun (and it really was!), but I am paying for it now...


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