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Monday, January 23, 2006

XL blue collar vs. white collar in the Superbowl 40

Superbowl in my hometown!!

Well it is official, the Steelers take on the Seahawks in the Superbowl being held in Detroit, MI.

ESPN story of matchup

It is going to be a great game, I am looking forward to it. The one thing I really like is this superbwol hosts two very different cities that are identified with two distinctive parts that make up my life.

Blue collar and white collar.

I grew up in Detroit and spent most of my early adult life working blue collar jobs. From the slaughterhouse, to the foundry. After getting my drafting certificates, I left foodservice behind and got into the design / manufacturing disciplines of the autmotive and aerospace worlds. From kitchen and shop floors, I found my way into the world of white collar.

It takes some getting used to the stale air conditioning, the muscle atrophy, and the office politics that rival anything that happens on the shop floor.

Not that I mind being white collar, I love working in engineering, and have done quite well, but there will always be a shop floor kind of guy inside. It just seems like a simpler lifestyle, and I like that part.

Okay, so back to Superbowl XL…..

Despite the differences between these two teams, steel vs. cappucino, Mitch Albom, I have become aware that both quarterbacks might be Christians as well. I know Hasselback is: he was a member of the church Tori and I were members of back in Seattle. Tori even spoke to Matt on the phone before.

And, I have been told that Roethlisberger (what a great name!) is also someone who puts heavy emphasis on the Lord in his life, but I am not sure how deep his faith is.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the game. I am rooting for Seattle, since I have spent time there and generally think they are the better team.


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