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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yes, I said yoga...

(I was inspired to post this since I just left a short comment on the Monday Morning Insight blog, This Isn't Todd Rhoades, prior to writing this post....)

Tori and I have started doing Bikram yoga to get ourselves back in shape. We have always been involved in some type of athletics, sports, and being health conscious, so being involved in physical fitness is nothing new for us......

But, yoga?

Yes. Bikram Yoga at that (
def. A rigorous form of Yoga performed in a room heated to at least 95 (typ. 105) degrees. Each posture in the sequence is designed to safely stretch and open the body, in preparation for the next posture, - for 1.5 hours!).

It is THE hardest workout I have ever done. You go through a series of increasingly difficult postures, practicing your breathing, stretching, and balancing. I guess somewhere in all of this you are supposed to be relaxing, but we are still learning and weak, and the only relaxing we can do yet is after class is finished.

I know that there aren't a lot of Christians too pumped or interested in/about yoga, and I understand that, but there is an amazing amount of health benefit, maybe one of the best and pure forms of physical exercise there is, swimming is up there, too.

I am no expert, (will be looking into it more now), but I think it is Hatha Yoga (def. A branch of Yoga, perhaps the most practiced style of Yoga, emphasizing the physical aspects of the spiritual path, with postures and breath control)., and other types that get into the spiritual mysticism. But (so far) in my experience, I haven't heard any sort of spiritual leanings that has caused me any concern for our theology. Not too mention a very fertile ground for witnessing about the grace of God, and hopefully share the gospel.

So far I like it becasue it is:

- low impact (you work against your own body weight)
- is increasing my flexibility
- burning many calories, up to 600, maybe more
- has improved my balance
- helping get rid of toxins through the sweating and the postures
- it has totally increased my awareness to improve my diet
- giving me additional time to pray and meditate on Scripture during the still moments

Once I get used to the Bikram workouts, I am planning on re-starting my plyometrics workouts for additional agility and strength. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about raising their level of health and fitness.

Grace and peace,


At 08 February, 2006 19:30, Anonymous Jason Simmons said...

Hey Mark, Maybe I can take you out for a Big Mac or some Pizza and you can tell me more about the workouts!

On a more serious note, why is there no Hockey on in TX? At least in WA we would get CBC. I can't watch my beloved Maple Leafs!

Thanks for checking out my blog too! It is nice to see others in Keller.

At 09 February, 2006 07:29, Blogger Mark said...

Dude that is funny, but I had some pizza last night. It is all about balance (that is what I keep telling myself!).

I really wish we could get CBC here, you could everywhere else I have lived, so that has taken some adjustment. I miss Hockey Night in Canada. My wife, a native Texan even became a fan of Don Cherry in the short time she spent in Seattle with me (we have been back and forth).

Not to mention, I am not a Stars fan, but I have been watching them since Stars hockey is better than no hockey. I think Dallas plays too dirty. I am partial, the Wings NEVER take dirty shots. :O)

I keep in touch with a pastor and fellow blogger that is a Sens fan, and it is great to be in touch with people who not only like hockey, but KNOW hockey. Check out his blog: Chris Mcgregor

I will keep checking your blog, so keep up the good work man.

Grace and peace,


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