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Monday, June 12, 2006

what a party!

This past Saturday we had a load of friends over to celebrate (commiserate) :O) with me and Tori that I have actually lasted to 40 years of age.

I am so deeply thankful, along with Tori, for everyone that came by, it was too cool to relax and fellowship with such an awesome group!

Besides the great food and birthday cake, another highlight of the party was a presentation of a collage of pictures of me from the past (gulp), and present that Tori put together. There were pictures included that I haven't seen in a couple decades. It turned into a fun sort of roast with the obligatory commentary I received. It was really alot of fun and all I can hope now is that I still maintain some respect from this group after they have seen some of the classic old school photos of my 'way back when' days! :O)

I am really blessed to know each of these people!! May God bless each of you richly.

Heb 10:24,25

Grace and peace,


At 16 June, 2006 10:21, Blogger Tori said...

You are so welcome baby! I can't wait for the next 40 years with you! I've got to get some good pic's for your 80th birthday party slide show :-)


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