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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Change society?

Fellow blogger Ryan down in the Houston area had an interesting article about rap and the church's vain attempt to reform a world without true spiritual reform.

You should read his post here. He brought up some great points and in doing so touched on one issue that has had me ask a simple yet complicated question….

Why do Christians get so worked up trying to get our govt. to pass all kinds of morality instead of spending our energies reaching the lost with the Gospel?

Yes, I know it would be better for society to clean up it's act, and yes I certainly do want to see justice for all. However, in the long run, people are still headed into a Christ-less eternity and we focus on how much bad language they listen to, and who they sleep with, among other societal ills?

This is a chasing after the wind. We need an eternal perspective. No matter how clean the outside of the cup gets or seems to be, it is the inside that needs the cleaning.


I think most Christian activists would like to see the world be a better place just so we are merely less challenged, and less convicted to get out of our comfort zone and really spread the Word. When society is behaving itself, it becomes a lot easier for Christians to sit back because we have a lot less disturbance in the world around us. We just don't like being distacted by the evil in the world.

I think deep down that is why many Christians want a more just society, not necessarily because they believe a life could really be saved, but so that we can live less disrupted lives and faith.

As Ryan pointed out in his post, above all things we really need to do tell others about God's grace and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your thoughts?

Grace and peace,


At 08 March, 2007 13:46, Blogger Ryan said...

Mark, thanks for the free pub. I think you lay it out in clear terms here. For years I bought in to the lie that it is the church's responsibility to clean up government, but the older I get the more I realize that the more we are involved in government, the less we are involved in speaking the gospel. Jesus called us to make disciples, not change the laws. By the way, I'm not slamming the genuine Christians and well intentioned politicians who have made great stands for morality in our country. But you and I clearly agree that a country full of morally good people without Christ is still a country headed for hell. Keep up the great work.


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