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Thursday, February 15, 2007

intro to Christ

Check out this 'Intro to Jesus Christ' video. Don't know too much about Steve Harvey except he is a secular comedian with a show on cable TV.

This should inspire and challenge us because only when we truly live each day like we actually believe what the Bible says (and most of what Steve says here is Biblical) than we couldn't help but exalt Jesus Christ more and see lives really being changed... starting with our own joy and passion in and for Jesus.

You have not seen him, but you love him. You do not see him now but you believe in him, and so you rejoice with an indescribable and glorious joy, (1Peter 1:8)

Grace and peace,


At 15 February, 2007 17:11, Blogger Johnny Leckie said...

Wow, I wouldn't have seen that coming from Steve Harvey! Interesting to see the crowd response also.

Love to get together again for coffee or something.

Hope you're doing well!

At 15 February, 2007 20:52, Blogger mbjornholm said...

Hi Johnny, thanks for stopping by.

Be great to get together. How about early March? I will email you.

Things are going well. I have a full load of classes this semester.... so with that and work it will either keep me young or make me old quick. :O)

How you? Love your blog.



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