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Friday, August 12, 2005

New Header

Take a moment and check out my new header at the top of this page!

I love it.

First, BIG THANKS goes out to Daniel Molina, graphics designer extraordinaire for the artistic vision and the hard work. Daniel has done graphic work for Power FM, and Fellowship Church, among many others, and works full time as a graphic designer. Daniel is a great guy overflowing with passion , as my friend Steve Dilla posted about recently, with the love of Christ.

I also have to extend a BIG THANKS to Steve for helping me figure out how to get my new header to show correctly (it took some of what you suggested Steve, and some things I had to do differently - as you said Steve, trial and error, though much more of the latter).

I am really blessed to know such talented, generous, Godly men.

Thank You Jesus for shining your light into their lives as they bless others!


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