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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Mark Morgan has an interesting and very honest (which I totally love!!) post on his blog where he is questioning the validity to continue his blogging.

The comments listed there share the same thoughts and ideas that I have: it does takes time and energy, (sometimes too much time); people do like Mark Morgans blog, and hope he keeps it going. There was great input from everyone.

Yet begs the question: have we gained anything from reading blogs that has casued a major change in the way we live? Other than ths comment from Mark Morgan's blog, I can only add a personal DO and 2 DON'T's about blogging:

DO: blog (use the internet as a log, sort of public diary), for thoughts, ideas, news, creative abilites, etc., that you want to share, to the benefit of others.

DON'T: use your blog simply to self promote, or selfishly draw attention only to yourself, or puff yourself up.

DON'T: spend more time blogging about the things you love to do than simply doing them.

Even though I have benefited from blogs in small, meanigful ways, I don't think it has caused a MAJOR change in my life. I see posting and reading blogs as a way to be entertained, and to share and catch a glimpse of a more personal insight into others, some I know well, others, I may never know well.

Grace and peace,


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