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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Common Grounds

An interesting blog....

Common Grounds has some different Christian flavors and I think some non-Christian input as well. The Common Grounds blog is based off of a new book, Common Ground: Conversations About the Things That Matter Most , by Ben Young and Glenn Locke. Read a review by Chuck Colson.

This type of blog appeals to me because it has genuine, and respectful input from more than one person, even some who might not be of the same faith / theology.

This is similar to a blog that was started between me and some friends of mine (one is atheist, and one prefers Buddhism but also looks at other religious creeds for spiritual discernment). I met these guys a couple years ago in Seattle, and feel really blessed to have been able to get to know them. Mainly because of time constraints, the blog really hasn’t moved forward too much, but previously we had such stirring and revealing email conversations about faith that we thought we would go online with our thoughts and see what became of it.

I am praying to reach their hearts and minds that they will understand and believe God’s will for their life.


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