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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Close friend

Sean and I at a party celebrating his birthday.

My wife Tori and I met Sean and his wife Stacie about one year ago at E2 at Fellowship Chruch. Later they joined our HT and we have grown as friends since.

Howard Hendricks said the true test of a close friend is someone who
...knows everything about you, yet totally accepts you;
...will listen to your most heretical ideas without rejecting you;
...and knows how to criticize you in a way you'll listen.

I believe Sean has these qualities, and more than that, I think Sean and his wife have been intentional in getting to know Tori and I better. That really makes us feel the love and we look to be the same to them even more as our friendships deepen.

Sean is a solid man and husband and is the coolest and most generous guy I have ever been close to. I am truly blessed to have met Sean and I really look forward to our continued friendship, growing in Christ Jesus our Lord.

May God bless you richly Sean!!!!


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