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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Headed to New Orleans

Will be leaving Thursday afternoon as part of a Disaster Relief Team to the area in Louisiana affected by Hurricane Katrina.

I feel blessed to be able to go. Not too sure of exactly what we'll be asked to do, but most likely be helping the Salvation Army handing out supplies and food.

During our training last night, a guy with the SBTC who was there last week gave us a rather grim report, but I am hopeful that things are improving rapidly for all who are involved.

I pray that I am healthy and energetic so that my time there will be spent focusing on the physical and spiritual needs of others.

Also, please continue to pray for all those affected by Hurricane Katrina. To donate see some of the links over at Ardent, Steve has a few helpful links. Be generous.

See CNN Special Report here.



At 07 September, 2005 08:05, Blogger Tori said...

I am so proud of you baby! We will all me praying for you and your team of men. You know that if women could go I would be right at your side, but obviously this is a job for men. God be with you and give you strength and courage and grace to impart to those whom are hurting so bad.

At 07 September, 2005 09:20, Blogger Richard said...

Mark, I would not have expected less of you. You are special. Prayers to you and yours during this time. Your friend Richard Goldsborough

At 08 September, 2005 05:56, Blogger Mark said...

Thanks for the prayers, kind words and encouragement Richard and Tori! I have received alot of emails, too. Praise God!

I am looking forward to the trip and will remember your prayers as we travel. We leave today at 2:00 PM.

Will post an update when we get back.

Grace and peace,

At 08 September, 2005 06:22, Anonymous Brent said...

We have not met, but will follow your blog and keep you in my prayers.
Be careful to guard your heart from yet things to come.
Thanks for all your efforts in advance.
God will be with you.
Fellow F-35 Engineer

At 08 September, 2005 17:32, Anonymous Jeff said...

Hi Mark! You are an inspiration, brother. I am praying for you, your team, and the people your life touches while you are in Louisiana. May the LORD provide for, protect and speak His love anc concern in and through you to those in need in Louisiana.

Yes...much grace and peace to you, in Christ's Name,

Your brother,
Jeff (from Bellevue, WA)

At 09 September, 2005 09:17, Anonymous Kevin said...

Cindi and I wish you the best while you are there. I commmend you for your efforts to help others and I know it will be a trying time.
Be careful and let us know if we can help from this end.
Our prayers are with you.

Kevin and Cindi Kell


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